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Buying your property in Puglia

Buying your second home in Puglia is quite different from buying a property in your home country. Italy is known for its bureaucracy and paperwork, Francesco with nearly 20 years of experience in the local property market will guide you through the essential steps to secure your dream property in the shortest time possible. Francesco will help you by:

  • providing you bilingual assistance form the time of the first contact to completion
  • informing you about the local property market
  • informing you on legal and fiscal matters
  • coordinating all parties (sellers, banks, notary) involved in the purchase and going through all the formalities leading to the final signing
  • guiding you through any building or restoration projects you might plan after the purchase

Francesco will save you time and money, and make your Puglia dream come true.

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"Dear Francesco, I would like to say thank you for helping me purchase my first home in Italy. Thanks, in your case, is certainly not enough! I own 5 homes in the United States and have purchased and sold many more. None of the encounters came anywhere near the satisfaction and pleasantry of my dealings with you and Puglia Dream. By any measure you are "hands down" the best real estate professional I have ever met and there have been many!! You have demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and honesty that are truly "above and beyond", rendering you truly superior in your field. Buying a home in another country can be an extremely daunting ordeal, but you "de-fused" my anxiety and provided an entirely positive and very smooth transaction. Your natural gift and ability to listen and zero in on your clients’ priorities and preferences is intuitive and effective. Your congenital and calm personality made every decision easy. You were quick to return calls and never out of reach. Your patience is remarkable, and you followed through on EVERY single detail, including the smallest. Surely, you must realize the extent of your efforts. I didn't want you to think it passed me by unnoticed. I trusted you to navigate the maze of real estate laws and city restrictions and also to negotiate on my behalf... I have no regrets, NONE. From my experience I highly recommend Francesco to anyone buying or selling a home. For all of this and so much more, I am truly grateful."

Rhonda Kapur, Chattanooga (USA)

"Thank you, Francesco, for the excellent way you helped us buy our new property in Puglia. Speaking very little Italian and having no knowledge of Italian property law we are amazed at how smoothly everything went. Six weeks to the day from viewing to receiving the keys and we love our new holiday home. We felt under no pressure at any time and were given impartial advice about each property, we knew the villa we bought was the right one from the moment we arrived to view it. The legal side and transferring the money was effortless and all of the legal aspects with the tax office, notary etc. Francesco dealt with, we just had to turn up along with yourself to translate and assist. Anyone who would like to buy a property but might be put off by the daunting thought of the language and legal barriers should have no fear, as there were none at all using Francesco. Francesco offers the most amazing service! Thank you once again."

Simon and Allison Wagstaff, Holmfirth, UK

"When purchasing land or property in Italy most information online tends to be negative sighting long delays with bureaucracy, land registration and long-winded approvals from family members of the vendor. For some reason that was not the case for me, I found my dream property via PugliaDream and within 4 weeks I had the keys. When using Francesco he will take care of all paperwork, set up all meetings with relevant notaries and explain everything along the way but be aware the process of purchasing property and land in Italy are totally different to the UK so the more knowledge of the process (all available online) you have prior to the purchase the smoother the sale but rest assured Francesco's grasp of the process and the English language means all information is at hand. My favourite part was having access to an interpreter who later helped me change all my electricity, gas and Wi-Fi over which was extremely handy as all these tasks seem ominous, but in retrospect it's amusing how easy it all was. The people of this region in Italy are so helpful and only want to help a far cry from the bustle of most cities around the world."

Anthony Carenza, UK