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Why Pugliadream

Whether you are buying or selling a property in Puglia, privately o with another broker, we can provide you with independent consultation to help you make important decisions with confidence.

For Buyers

  • Understand your needs and develop clarity around your property search to add value to your buying journey and make a satisfactory choice
  • Conduct technical and legal checks on the property to avoid unpleasant surprises before and after purchase
  • Coordinate all relevant parties: broker, surveyor, bank, notary; to ensure a smooth purchase
  • Guide you through planning, building and restoration projects.

For Sellers

  • Verification of the current status of the property from a technical, administrative and legal standpoint, to avoid unnecessary problems or delays during the sale
  • Assistance in carrying out specific regularization activities in case of non-conformities
  • Independent market valuation
  • Recommendation on home improvements that add large value in terms of speed of sale and price
  • Recommendation on methods of sale, fees, costs and marketing campaigns.


Thanks to our local knowledge, international experience and industry expertise, we guide you through the all phases of the property transaction to ensure that you make safe and informed decisions.


Contact Francesco for more information.

Francesco DistanteFrancesco DistanteMobile: +39 339 60 74 866
Email: info@pugliadream.com

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