Puglia real estate agency

Two of the main Challenges for the sale of a property

 Establishing the right price

This is both an art and a science that relies on a thorough knowledge of what has sold, and what has failed to sell and why, as well as understanding current buyers’ preferences and options. Your understanding of the value of your property can be distorted by properties you presumed had sold for the advertised figure (without knowing the actual price achieved) or by basing your asking price on properties currently available which the market has rejected (that’s why they are still for sale!). Your overpriced property could then help someone else sell theirs!

Knowing the buyer

Experience shows that, more often than not, people will buy something markedly different to the property they initially envisaged buying. Only a well-trained agent understands the psychology of buying, and can steer a buyer towards your property – which might have appeared either unsuitable or out of reach without the agent’s involvement. The agent will have gathered enough knowledge by showing several properties to the buyer to understand what will appeal to them most!

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