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IMU & TASI 2016



Payment for the first installment for IMU & TASI 2016 is coming up. On 16th June second home property owners should make payment for the two amounts.

Calculating IMU & TASI

You can calculate your IMU and TASI by inserting the corresponding rate & then complete the form “F24” on this link:






Form F24


IMU & TASI rates

You can find out about the town council rate where your property is located by consulting the official tax office, who publish all the regulations/guidelines published by the town councils.

By doing a research by region and town council it is possible to consult the 2015 sanctions/approvals/resolutions/deliberations and those relative to 2016 if they have been approved.

On the Tax Office Agency website you can find out the the cadastral income of your property, by entering your tax code, with your cadastral/land registry identification and the province where your property is located.







Cadastral Income


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