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Let us guide you home.

Consider us your personal "property concierge" for buying in Puglia. We take care of every detail from the moment you decide to work with us all the way until we are clinking glasses at closing!


Once we have decided to work together, and you have reviewed this process. Simply fill out your portion of the agreement and submit. Then make your payment online and we will begin!


Now we begin our extensive search across all local estate agents, private sellers and off-market properties. We will provide you with the best options for your preferences within your location.


Within 10 days we will present you with a list of properties that best match your preferences. If the right property is not on the list, we make any adjustments needed, and keep on searching to find it.


Once you have a few properties you are excited about our team goes on location and performs due-diligence on your behalf to give you the pros and cons of each property and location.


Next, welcome to Puglia! Now we are ready to see the properties that you have been dreaming about and choose the one that captures your heart.


We will formalize an offer subject to a survey and make enquires with the local town hall for any question you might have for any further building proposals.


When you are satisfied with the property survey, we will coordinate all relevant parties and go through all formalities leading to the final signing at the Notary.


Now we get the key and it’s time to raise a glass and start enjoying the Puglia lifestyle, knowing that you made a well-informed decision.

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