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Puglia is indeed a food and drink lovers’ paradise! Located in the heel of the boot, its welcoming people, blue skies, traditional food festivities and gently undulating terrain covered in olive groves, vineyards and native shrubs will weave a spell around you.

Puglia landscapeOnce you arrive in Puglia, be sure to visit some of its prettiest towns:

Ostuni PugliaOstuni, also known as ‘The White City’, has a charming old town, numerous festivities and stupendous sea views;

Martina Franca, known for having the finest old quarters in Puglia as well as fantastic views over picturesque countryside dotted with the renowned historical ‘Trulli’ (unique cone-shaped houses);

Cisternino, one of the most picturesque old towns in Italy with a myriad of petite streets, some of the best pizzas that you will ever taste, and ideal for a cool evening stroll during the summer;

Gallipoli, "the pearl of the Ionian sea" with its enchanting historical town centre and minutes from some of the best sandy beaches in Puglia;

Otranto, "Byzantine of Salento" with its famous castle and gothic cathedral and miles of untouched coastline, where on a clear day you can catch a glimpse of the snowcapped mountains of the Balkan peninsula;

Alberobello, a UNESCO world heritage site for its town made up of hundreds of Trulli;

Lecce, the Italian capital of Baroque architecture, often referred to as the ‘Florence of the South’.

Alberobello PugliaPuglia has a rich cultural history. In the 8th Century BC Greeks came and founded many settlements. In that period, Taras (Taranto) was the most important city, settled by Spartan exiles. In 272 BC they were defeated by the Romans who in 190 BC built the famous "Via Appia" (the road from Rome to the port of Brindisi), whose remains can still can be seen today. In the middle ages Lombards (Germanic people), Byzantines (medieval Greeks), Saracens (Arabs), Normans (who left fine Romanesque churches) and Swabians (Germanic people who built fortifications and castles, such as Castel del Monte which is still standing today) came one after the other. During the renaissance, the Spanish, brought bold baroque architecture (Lecce). Finally in 1861 the region was annexed to the Italian state.

Puglia is serviced by two International airports at Bari and Brindisi, which are frequented by both Easy Jet, Ryanair, Alitalia, British Airways as well as a selection of other European airlines. Wherever you choose to buy your property in Puglia you will never be further than an hour from one of these airports and even less from the sea!

Puglia provides a perfect destination for you to relax and enjoy the more rural traditional Italian lifestyle.


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